How to Create High Performing Lead Generation Website

Having a high lead generation website can be advantageous to you in many ways. First of all, it gives you an edge over your competitors and secondly, it leads to more conversions which is good for the site. When a company, business or a conglomerate is planning to invest in a new lead generation site, there are factors that need to be considered first. These factors ensure that you have all the tools needed to build an effective website and get good conversions from your visitors.

Effective design skills is usually what comes in mind first when thinking about creating a high performing lead generation site. However, design alone isn’t the only factor. Focusing on design alone and not on other factors can hamper your site from getting visitors who could turn to potential prospects. In this article, we shall be analyzing ways to create a high performing lead generation site and get visitors troop in.

There are four ways to achieve this. They include;

  • Usability and Design
  • SEO Techniques
  • Copy-writing Skills
  • Conversion Techniques


Making a website usable is making it easy visitors to access the information they require and connect with it. A website is a tool where people source for all kinds of information. By doing so, people click on navigational links, zoom-in and out of pictures and details, fill out some forms etc.

Having a lead generation site that is designed for seamless experience and easy to navigate will create room for visitors to find vital information and possibly take action. If a site has poor usability complicates users and even make the information they are looking for difficult to comprehend. Poor usability and design drives your visitors into sourcing for information in the hands of your competitors. In order to fully take advantage of usability features on your site, you have to engage in the following;

  • Build intuitive and responsive web designs – An intuitive and responsive web design will allow the website to adjust to any screen size for optimal viewing experience. This feature allows users to have a constant web experience irrespective of the gadget been used (desktop, tablets, mobile devices, etc) and feel comfortable surfing.
  • Optimize site speed – This is next big thing that frustrates web visitors. Website pages loading slowly has contributed to the loss of visitors and conversion. It is equally bad for SEO which means you wont be getting the best result out of your website. It is essential to optimize site page-loading speed to improve search results on Google.
  • Optimize image loading speed – If a website page loads fast, part of the reason is because of the image. Image size affects how a web page loads quickly. If the imageresolution is unchecked and loading speed isnt properly optimized, conversions and SEO may be hampered.
  • Your sitemap and navigation should be intuitive – How pages and navigation links are arranged on a website is important for effective content delivery. Seamless navigation allows useres to get the best out the website by quickly locating the information they desire. Users can easily avoid browsing through an entire page in search of information they can find on other pages.

SEO Techniques

Search engine visibility is vital to all websites who need high conversion. SEO is an important factor for companies and businesses. The reason being that Google as a search engine processes billions of searches non a daily basis. Hence, the need to optimize your website for SEO is important. There are two critical steps to take to optimize SEO to create high performing lead generation site; Creating an SEO-friendly site and moving to SEO-performing site.

Making your site SEO-friendly is basically creating a framework on your site or undertaking a preparatory activity. To achieve this, you have to do the following;

  • Place a title tag on every page on your website
  • Create a metadesciption tag on every page
  • Include a header content and body content on every page
  • Place a .txt file
  • Create an HTML and an XTML sitemap
  • Content and blog redirect to www URLs
  • Have an effective standby content management system that will edit or add pages.

After you are done with this, the next step to take is moving your site to be SEO-performing. The following must be done in order to have good visibility on search engines;

  • Indulge in keyword research and have a good keyword strategy – what users use in finding products and services on search engines are keywords. Keywords are prerequisite for high conversions and must be treatee with utmost priority. Use keywords that are relevant, competitive and users are most likely to use or have used.
  • Website must have a good sitemap to ensure there are no SEO issues when search results pop-up
  • Have a custom title tag and meta descriptions handled by an SEO professional. Every page have a unique title tag that corresponds to the correct keyword. Meta descriptions tags influence clicking and must be written by a good copywriter.
  • Ensure your header tags contain the keyword you want to insert.
  • Body content must be optimized with the right target keyword, informative and engaging. Avoid placing too many keywords and too few keywords in your body content as they will hamper search visibility.

Copy-writing Techniques

The relevance of copy-writing skills to websites can not be underestimated. Copy-writing engage, inform and provide relevant information that will trigger CTA (Call To Action). If copy-writing fails in these departments, then conversions will be hindered.

For a company or a business to market their products and services and generate leads online, the services of a good copywriter will be needed. The content on a website matters and plays a pivotal role in lead generation. If you can’t convince, persuade or inform your visitors to take action with your contents, such business or company will lose a potential customer.

In order to maximize the quality of your content, it must be;

  • Concise, consistent in style and straightforward
  • Devoid of typographical errors
  • SEO optimized
  • Attentive to keywords

These criteria must be in place to maximize lead generation through copy-writing technique.

Conversion Techniques

Conversion techniques sums up all techniques used to get conversions out of page views. This should be the most important item on this list because even if all the factors stated here are applied on a website and coversion isnt implemented, lead generation is stuck at zero level.

For a website to have high conversion, consider the following;

  • CTA (Call To Action) – CTA is like a button embedded on a website, used to lure a web visitor to make the appropriate decision. Ensuring that this icon is within reach of your user is important in getting high conversions.
  • Forms and quotes – This enables a user to fill out quick forms or questionnaire on your website if they would want to make more inquiry. Forms should be short and quick to fill so that a user won’t spend his time jumping from one field to another. They can easily get angry and decide to exit. You can append your company number as well on your site and have it visible to visitors.


These are simple ways to create high performing lead generation website. Implementing these steps will create more conversions and pave way for more sales generation.